Three Closet Door Options

Custom Closets and Cabinets offers a wide variety of types of closet doors. Our focus is to help you keep your life organized with a spacious and planned closet space. A few design options we use are

  • A hinged swinging door

The traditional approach for many homes is a swinging hinged door because of its simple and effective movement. Many spaces can have an upgraded look by replacing old doors and knobs with elevated designs.

  • A sliding door

Inserting a sliding door allows you to access the closet without any access issues like furnishings or storage.

  • A bi-folding door

The design of bi folding doors lets you access the entire closet while also allowing you to view the space as a whole. The disadvantage is that since it has additional moving parts, the bi-folding doors can wear out its tracks and even come off.

As you consider your entry options, keep these all in mind for your closet renovation. Give us a call at Custom Closets & Cabinets so we can make your home improvement dream a reality.