The new year is in full swing and it’s a great time to tackle a new project or make a healthy change.  Typically at the top of the list, behind exercise and spending more family time, is “get organized”.  Before you tackle this annual resolve to put things in their place, ask yourself why it’s important to you.  What benefits will improved organization provide?  For some, it’s peace of mind, knowing where things are located and having what you need at your fingertips.  For others, it’s saved time….which makes resolutions #1 and #2 easier to achieve!   Once you have your benefits identified, you can get to work organizing and moving toward those goals.

But where to start?  There are organizing opportunities in almost every room of your home.   Whether it’s your kitchen, bath, home office, garage or closet your first step is to assess the contents.  If you suffer from a build up of clutter, go through it and ask yourself if you need all of the items. Determine if you would buy them again today.  Does the item add value or is it something you have not touched in years.  Be honest!  Then separate items into piles:  things you’ll keep, things you’ll donate and things that just need to go into the trash!

Home Office:  The typical office needs a clear space to work which means a place for your computer and keyboard, peripheral devices such as printers or scanners, and space to to write or read material.  Of course, this is the space often invaded by “stuff”, leaving you with little room to work.  To keep your space clear, use bins, boxes and shelves to organize your tools and supplies.  Make it easy to put things away so that things are not plopped on the desk.  Organize your equipment so that items used on a daily basis are close by while rarely used items are stored under the desk or in a closet.  Hide unruly wires and cables to keep your space clear of clutter.  Think outside of the box!  A spice rack no longer needed in the kitchen may be perfect as an office organizer for paper clips, rubber bands and thumb tacks.  An old utensil organizer becomes the perfect desk drawer organizer.  Now you’re organizing one space while cleaning out another!

Foyer:  The entryway to your home is where the outdoors meets the indoors.  It’s the staging area for the family prior to leaving for school, work and play.  The last stop before you head out and the place where items such as keys, backpacks, shoes, coats, pet leashes and more tend to reside.  It’s also the first impression for visiting family and friends.  The welcome space that sets the tone for your entire home.   Keep this space organized and clean and be sure it’s easy to put things where they go.  Use bookshelves, benches and bins to organize shoes, umbrellas, sports equipment, etc.  Hooks on walls keep track of keys, handbags, jackets and more.  The door itself can hold a shoe organizer to hold hats, gloves, sunglasses and other small items.  And be sure to use mats indoor and out to catch the dirt, leaves, and debris before they find their way into your beautiful, clean home.

Kid’s Rooms:  One of the most challenging spaces to attempt to control chaos.  From toys to clothing to trinkets to homework, it must all have a place and one that is easy to use.  Bins work best when it comes to toys.  Organize by size or by type and make it simple to return beloved dolls, games and books to their proper location.  Trundle beds are a great space saver for rooms shared by siblings.  Closets for younger children typically have lots of opportunity below the hanging clothes.  Add in dressers or shelves for further organization.  Use drawer bases beneath beds, adding great space for clothing or toys.  The key to success:  Keep It Simple!

Opportunities for organization are all throughout your home. Contact Custom Closets and Cabinets for your in-home estimate on closet organizers and cabinetry to aid you in your quest to get organized in 2020!