The year end is quickly approaching!  Before you know it, 2020 will be upon us and what greater way to usher in a brand new year, then to refresh your kitchen and give it a whole new look!  Don’t worry, you don’t have to completely dispense of everything in your current kitchen.  But a few updates and minor renovations can provide that fresh new look you’ve been dreaming of all year.  So what are some new trends to expect in 2020?

Natural Stone:  The return of a classic!  Marble adds luxury and interest to any kitchen.  Whether it’s used as a countertop or a full slab backsplash, the drama and intrigue of marble is a great addition to any kitchen remodel.  The more veins and movement, the better!  Worried about spills and stains?  Quartz is a great alternative, adding style and flair but with the added benefit of being resistant to stains.  What ever your choice, consider using the same material for your countertop and backsplash.  Streamlining the number of materials used creates a sleek, contemporary look.

Splash of Color:. Throw out the rules on color!  Your kitchen is packed with opportunities for adding bright, unexpected colors:  cabinets, backsplash, window treatments, lighting…even appliances!  Turn a mundane hood into a unique and special centerpiece with custom colors.  Not feeling sure about a larger appliance?  Try something smaller like a toaster or blender to start.  Whether it’s paint on the wall or the cushions of your stools, adding color can transform your kitchen without the need to remodel the entire space.  Just be sure to look past trendy colors and choose one that you’ll love for several years!

Open Shelving:  People have long used open shelves to display their treasures in other rooms of the house.  Why not do the same in the kitchen?  Upper kitchen cabinets are commonly being replaced by open shelves.  Showcase your favorite dishes and glass ware or use the shelves for every day items, making the trip from the dishwasher a little easier.  Does it mean more to dust?  Maybe, but it’s easier to get too!

Bold and Blue:  The classic white kitchen will be around for a long time but blue is making a stand! Blue comes in so many wonderful shades including indigo, sky and navy and it blends beautifully with stainless steel, marble and quartz to provide a clean, modern look.  Start with an accent such as island cabinets or consider a backsplash.  If you’re renovating your kitchen, consider mixing in those blues!

Whatever your plans entail, Custom Closets and Cabinets of Tampa is here to help.  Contact us for a free in-home estimate to discover the many opportunities you have to consider.