Thinking About New Countertops?

Kitchens are thought of as the heart of the home!

This has never been more true or relevant than in today’s new floor plans and modern designs.  And your kitchen countertop is at the center of your kitchen!

Gone are the days of separate kitchens, tucked in the back of the home where no one generally sees them.  Now, they are a focal point!  Kitchens typically overlook the living room, allowing your family chef to stay in the conversation.   They set the tone for your home and are sometimes visible the moment one steps through the front door.   The fulfill the roll of family meeting space, entertainment space, cooking space and dining space making the kitchen the most used room of your home.

Therefore, choosing the elements of a kitchen is a big decision.  You want your kitchen to be comfortable and durable since it is used so often.  You also want your kitchen to make the statement you intend since it’s so often a gathering place for family and friends.  Here are some things to ponder when choosing your kitchen countertop, which is one the most visible aspects of your kitchen after cabinets.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the All-Important Kitchen Countertop

  1. Color:  Do you want your kitchen countertops to make a bold statement with a splash of color?  Choosing a bright, striking color will add contrast and make those countertops pop.  Looking for a more traditional approach?  Consider the color tones in your walls, flooring and cabinets.  Complementary colors bring harmony to the space, creating an inviting feel.  kitchen countertop
  2. Material: Kitchen countertops are generally a work space.  Whether it’s slicing, chopping, mixing, or heating, countertops see a lot of wear and tear.  Reflect on the use of your kitchen when making a decision about what material will best meet your needs.  Think about scratch resistance, heat resistance, ease of cleaning, maintenance, and the variety of colors from which to choose.
  3. Price: When pricing out a kitchen countertop for your kitchen, remember that there may be costs beyond just the materials and installation.  Certain countertops require regular maintenance.  For example, a butcher block counter will require a sealant to guard against water damage and yearly treatments of mineral oil, filling nicks or scratches, and sanding.  However, if properly cared for, they can last a long time.  Tile counters may require sealing grout lines and regular cleaning.

When you’re ready to re-design your kitchen, contact Custom Closets and Cabinets.  We offer free in-home estimates and a large selection of countertop materials as well as cabinet options including our custom made Thermofoil Doors!