Kitchen Cabinets:  Reface or Replace?

Cabinet Refacing is a quick, relatively inexpensive way to give your kitchen a fresh, new look.  It involves replacing drawer fronts and cabinet doors and in some cases, new veneer for the cabinet boxes.  Hardware can also be added or replaced to update your look.  This strategy works well when your current cabinets are in fairly good shape and when your kitchen layout works well for you.  The time to complete the job is relatively short and the cost is more affordable than a complete remodel.  There are some limitations though:  You cannot reconfigure the functional design or layout of the kitchen and you do not gain any additional storage space.  It also does not address any interior damage to the cabinets or drawers.  It is basically a cosmetic fix or “face lift” for your kitchen.

Cabinet Replacement can completely transform your kitchen.  It can update the look and feel of your kitchen and improve flow and functionality.  The existing cabinets are all removed and the layout can be changed to improve configuration or accommodate additional renovations such as a kitchen bump-out.  With this option, the sky is the limit (as allowed by your budget).  You can choose any style and incorporate modern accessories such as roll out shelves, pull out trash cans and pots and pans drawers.   Cost and duration can be a factor for some.  Replacement is typically chosen by those completely renovating a home or when the existing cabinet boxes are severely damaged.

When budget will allow for it, replacement can be a great way to go.  Everyone loves a brand new kitchen and the reward of enjoying the perfect layout and design.   Cabinet refacing is a great option when budget does not allow for full replacement.

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