Desperate for a clutter free closet? 

Tired of rifling through your closet, trying to find a specific item, only to find you’ve made more of a mess?  Yearning for that perfectly organized closet where every article of clothing is right at your fingertips when you want it?  With a little organization and a few tools, you too can enjoy a closet utopia!!

Closet Organizers

Your first step is to take the time to consider what you need to store. To get started, take everything out of your closet and divide it into “keep”, “toss”, and “donate” piles.  The keep pile is everything you love and wear regularly.  The donate pile is anything in good shape but no longer enjoyed or worn.  The toss pile is for those items that are stained or ripped beyond repair and simply need to go!  Can’t decide if something belongs in the “keep” or “donate” pile?  Put it in a box and revisit it in a couple of months.  If you did not miss it, look for it, or even remember you had it, then donate it!

Custom Closets

Once you know what you have, we’ll install a system to match your needs.  Organizers do not add space to your closet but they organize the space you have in order to use it in the most effective and efficient way.  You will want to group things by type….shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc.  This helps you know exactly where to look when you’re trying to find something specific.  We’ll also make effective use of the premium “front and center” space.  This is where you’ll keep the items you use most often.  Seasonal items can be kept up on shelves and rarely used items can be kept in the back.  If your closet has a high ceiling, keep a step stool nearby so that shelves can be added above.  Additional accessories such as clear bins and hooks will help to make sure everything has its place.

Of course it will take some effort to keep your newly organized closet in great shape.  Performing maintenance on a regular basis will help reduce the time it takes to clean it out.  Consider a semi-annual or seasonal calendar to schedule your closet cleaning depending on your needs and if you have multiple wardrobes due to weather.  What ever your needs, Custom Closets and Cabinets is here to help!