Four Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

A growth in architecture and design has influenced modernization of kitchens. The flow of your space impacts how you live in your space. Now with so much technology in woodworking, you can structure your cabinetry to look any way. People can customize the size, shape, color, and dimensions of their cabinets to fit the aesthetic they want for their kitchen. Here are a few popular cabinet styles we love:

Contemporary This breaks away from older styles of design by embracing a modern sleek look. There is an emphasis on clean materials, straight lines and bold colors with heavy use of steel and marble. The minimalistic design leans more towards functionality.

Traditional Uses more deep and rich stains, raised panels, and crown molding to honor the distinct time. This style is found in more homes than any other and hundreds of design details allow you to customize the look fully to be your own.

Country Think back to rustic cabins and old farmhouses. This style is known for its earthy tones, exposed beams, and brick. The design goes well with sturdy furniture, wall paper, and pine panels.

Southwestern The small details and craftsmanship sets this style apart. It incorporates colorful fabrics, woods, deep tones, and stucco. The design stems from heavy Native American backgrounds and desert themes.

You can pick ideas from any styles to start your dream kitchen design! Enjoy the adventure!

Seven Tips for Choosing the Right Closet Design

Custom closets can be built to suit your taste, needs, and budget.  The options to choose from are nearly endless, so keeping a few tips in mind can help you to settle on the options that are right for you.  Here are some basic guidelines to help you out:

  1. Do Not Waste Space – Your closet is meant for storage and you should utilize all that it offers from floor to ceiling. Maximize your options with drawers, bins, and racks for storage to take advantage of the space.
  2. Know Your Wardrobe and Habits – Socks that are rolled take up less space than bunched. Shirts that are stacked fit in smaller areas than those hung up. If you are a tshirt and jeans person, then drawers and shelves are probably the best fit. Keep these in mind when planning your organizational design.
  3. Light It Up- Proper lighting is important in your closet because fluorescents and recesses help you see your items. Regular bulbs can generate a lot of heat so it is best to have lights come from different angles for better visibility.
  4. Will You Want To Sit Down – Sometimes having a seat handy can help you get ready. Take into account your routine and how you like to get dressed if you need seating.
  5. Do You Need A Mirror – If you like to check your outfit before going out, a mirror is a good thing to incorporate in your closet.
  6. Mold and Mildew is Your Enemy – Clothes sit in a stale, unmoving air environment which can lead to issues. Try to add ventilation to your space to avoid these pesky problems.
  7. How Big of A Closet Do you Need – You need a space to keep all of your wearables and if you are an avid shopper, be realistic about the size of your closet when speaking with designers or builders.

Now you have the opportunity to enhance your personal space with a Custom Closet! Let you imagination run and organize all your favorite things to enjoy your perfect closet design.

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