Seven Tips for Choosing the Right Closet Design

Custom closets can be built to suit your taste, needs, and budget.  The options to choose from are nearly endless, so keeping a few tips in mind can help you to settle on the options that are right for you.  Here are some basic guidelines to help you out:

  1. Don’t waste space – Closets are meant for storage, so use all that’s available, from the floor to the ceiling.  Bins, drawers, pull-out containers, shoe racks, poles, and shelves high and low can each store different items, from things you use daily to items that only come out during certain holidays or seasons.  So maximize your options.  If you don’t need the space right now, you probably will in the future.
  2. Light things up – Fluorescent lights can help you see into dark corners and the recesses of large drawers.  Regular incandescent bulbs generate heat in small areas, so they should be avoided if possible.  Skylights and windows are good choices, but be aware that prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade colors and damage fabrics.  Ideally you should have light coming from a variety of angles.  If it all comes from overhead or behind you, then it will cast dark shadows that hinder rather than enhance your visibility.
  3. Know your wardrobe and personal habits – Rolled socks need less space than bunched ones.  Stacked shirts fit in smaller areas than ones that are hung up.  If you’re a blue jeans and tee shirt kind of person, then drawers and shelves will probably be more helpful than poles or hooks. Keep these things in mind when deciding on the best organizational design for your needs.
  4. Will you want to sit down? –Some people like having a seat handy so they can put on their shoes and socks inside the closet.  Does this sound like you?
  5. Will you want a mirror? – If you’re fussy about the way you dress, then being able to see yourself as you try on different outfits can keep you from running back and forth to the bedroom to check yourself out.
  6. Mold and mildew are your enemies – Closets with stale, unmoving air attract moisture and mold spores, not to mention moths.  So try to work a small ventilation fan or even a dehumidifier into your plans.
  7. How big of a closet do you need, really? Do you love to buy shoes?  Is your idea of a fun evening shopping for a new top or a pair of slacks? If so, then you’ll need a place to keep all of those wonderful treasures you find at the mall or in discount stores.  So be honest with yourself about how much room you need before speaking with a builder or designer.

Closets used to be simple; a pole to hang some things on and maybe a crate to toss a few shoes or an umbrella into. No more.  Nowadays they’re all about options, ways to enhance your personal appearance by organizing your attire.  So don’t be afraid to let your imagination run a little wild.  All the brainstorming will pay off in the long run, when you’re able to enjoy the perfect closet design for your needs.  Have fun!

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