Wall Units

Closets, closets, closets! There never seems to be enough closets. Then again, maybe you’re not using the space to it’s fullest potential. At Custom Closets and Cabinets, it’s our job to utilize every square inch of your existing closet and turn it into a masterpiece of organization. Please click on any icon above and see for yourself!

Wall units are a great feature in walk-in closets. Since we have the capability to create unique and custom cabinetry, your wall unit can be designed specifically to fit your storage needs. If your closet has lots of long coats and evening dresses, we can make sure to accommodate an appropriate hanging height while utilizing any left over space for additional open or closed storage. Have an impressive shoe collection that deserves a shelving space for each pair? We can help you design and create your perfect closet based on any specifications.

Wall units can add function, design, and storage in other important areas of your home. A custom wall unit can add extra storage space and organization in areas like your Laundry, Mudd Room, and or Craft Room. Wall units in Mudd Rooms are a great way to integrate seating and storage while also adding a custom designed look that integrates with the interior architecture.

Create a custom wall unit in your Family Room to accommodate your television. Customize open and closed storage for a built-in in a variety of cabinet styles and finishes.

Instead of purchasing a traditional china cabinet for your Dining Room, let us create a custom wall unit that accommodates your family’s collection with an appropriate amount of display space as well as hidden storage.

There are endless possibilities for creating new and functional ways incorporate storage that integrate the design of your home.